ASO TRADING (Kobe business man).


Pearl necklace & bracelet

This is our main business sice 1966, every item made from our home in Kobe.


Feelings of our Necklace & Bracelet.
◎ Every clasp using K14 yellow or white gold.
◎ Knots was made every bettween pearls in necklace for safety. 
◎ We can support length of your request immediately on bord.


Design and presentation by H. Hashiwa

String for necklace with knots every bettween the pearl.
Stringer ; Y. Hashiwa  

Avairable for request length when pouches on board.


Pink pearl Necklace :

   7mm 44cm long.
   7mm 58cm long.
   8mm 44cm long.
   8mm 58cm long.

Blue pearl Necklace :

    7mm 44cm long.
    8mm 44cm long.

Bracelet : ( Pink・Blue )             

    7mm 19cm long.  
    8mm 19cm long.

K14 yellow gold clasp.
K14 white gold clasp.
Pink pearl Necklace, Bracelet.
Blue pearl Necklace, Bracelet.

Pendant & Earing set. (K18 gold, K14 white gold)

Original dsign from ASO.
Joint pearls to mount by Y. Hashiwa.
"Double hart" Blue(pink) 8mm. K18 gold.
"CURRENT" Dark blue(pink) 8mm. K14 white gold.
"CURRENT" Pink (dark blue)8mm. K18 gold.

Pearl earing (K18 gold & K14 white gold).

Private product from ASO Kobe Japan.
"WAVE" K18 yellow gold. 8mm.
"DOUBLE HART" K18 yellow gold.8mm.
"CURRENT" K14 whitegold.8mm.
"CROSS" K14 white gold.8mm.

Pearl bracelet. (K18 gold) ( NEW )

"CURRENT" K18 gold, 8mm pink pearl.
"CURRENT" K18 gold, 8.5mm dark blue pearl.
"WARAJI" K18 gold, 6.5mm pink pearl x 12 p.

Pearls in silver 925

Many of our silver flame mounted natural rubby.

Silver 925. "3p set". 6mm.
Silver925 & Rubby. "IVY". 6.5mm.
Silver925 & Rubby x 2. "VORTEX". 8mm. (dark blue or pink)

Silver 925 page 2

Silver925 "DOLPHIN" 6mm.
Silver 925 "DOUBLE HEART". 6mm.
Silver925 "BOW" 7mm.

Pearl factory in Kobe.

All our collection from here, Kobe Japan.
Setting to mount
Selection to necklace.

Custom made

Custom made was done immediately on bord.
custom made on bord.
custom made in the mess room.
custom made in the mess room.
Stringer at work place.

Clasp for special order.

Pearl direct (home made) & Porcelain special, Japanese cutlery to your vessel and to your home.