Moribuden steel kichen knife set. ($60〜$350. )

NEW "Vegetable knife", 205mm.
With postage.
"MO 2p set" Santoku 170mm・Paring 105mm.
With postage.
"MO 3p set
With postage.
"MO 6p set"
With postage.

All of this collection come from our cooperate factory in Gifu Japan.


Moribuden steel kichen knife catalog.

"MO PEELING KNIFE" 65mm. "MO DEVA KNIFE" (cut bone) 110mm. "MO BREAD KNIFE" 220mm. "MO FROZEN KNIFE" 220mm.

Damascus kichen knife. ($90〜$350. )

"YDA Chef" 210mm. 69 layers. "YDA Santoku" 165mm. 69 layers. (A little in stock.) "YDA Petty" 120mm. 69 layers.
With postage.

 These high-quality knives was made in the Seki city Gifu prefecture Japan. Each knife is made in the completion of the old skills of blacksmithing and is therefore unique because refined crafted.

69 layers hand made blade.





Correspond name printing. (order before hand free charge)

Damascus knife set. (2p, 3p)

"YDA 2p set" (Chef 210mm/Petty 120mm).
With postage.
New "KDA 3p set" (Carving 200mm/Small santoku 130mm/Fruit 80mm).
With postage.
Every knife made in Seki Japan.

Factory of Damasucas knife.

Visit damascus knife factory.

Shipping to oversea.

"EMS" service.
We can deliver every knife from Japan to your home in a week.

Japanese hunting knife. ① ( $45〜$280. )

Hunting knife (Shark) Damascus steel. Hunting knife (Snake) Damascus steel. Hunting knife. (Silver collection) Hunting knife. (Wisteria) Damascus steel.

Hand made by long experienced craftman in Seki city Japan.

Japanese hunting knife. ② (Fording type)

"Damascus Fording". (Black・Brawn)    Survivel knife. (A・B) A no stock. "SILVVER MOOSE"

Japanese fishing knife.

Fishing knife (IWANA). No stock. Fishing knife (MASU) No stock. Fishing Knife (Multi)   No stock. Fishing fillet knife (molibdenum steel)

Carving knife, Kitchen scissors, Captain knife.

Wood carving knife. (Finish production)   No stock. Kichen scissors. (New) Captain knife. (For yacht sailing)

Hobby knife.

Knife sharpner. ( $25〜$40. )

Original whetstone (#600/#1000). With non-slippery base/angle keeper/leveling stone & guidance. Water sharpner (#400). With guidance.

Home town of Japanese knife.

With sward Meister.
Ceremony of sword discipline.