( made in Japan from 1970 in Kobe)
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Moribuden steel kichen knife set. ①

All of this collection come from our cooperate factory in Seki (Gifu prefecture) Japan.

Carry-on baggage is only permitted as checked baggage.

"MO 3p set
With postage.
"MO 6p set"
With postage.

Moribuden steel kichen knife catalog. ②

With postage.
"MO BONE KNIFE" 165mm.
With postage.
With postage.
With postage.

Moribudenium titanium coating knife set. ③ (New)

Cobalt blue titanium coating to the molybdenum steel blade, for rust-resistant and long-lasting sharpness.
”Moribudenium steelI titanium coating 3p set" Carving 20cm,Small santoku 13cm, Fruits 8cm.
With transport.

Damascus knife. (1p,2pset,3pset.)

 Damascus knife consisting 32layers.

If you intresting some damascus set,
please inquiry by mail, will inform you the deal price immidately.

 A super hard alloy VG-10 is used as a core material of the blade.

This knife series features the emerges in forging a blade consisting of hand made 32 layers of damascus steels holding the core material.

Carefully finished by professionals, the sharp cut of this damascus knife lasts longer than any other knife, even allowing for constant use.
Produced from Seki Japan.

In 2002, this series won the DESIGN PLUS Award at Ambiente Messe in Germany.

New "KDA 2p set"(Chef 200mm/Petty 120mm) Price inquiiry.
New "KDA 3p set" Carving 200mm/Small santoku 130mm/Fruit 80mm). Price iinquiry.
New "KDA Big Chef" (Chef 240mm). Price inquiry.

Factory of Damasucas knife.

Visit damascus knife factory.

Shipping to oversea.

We can deliver every knife to your home in a week
(By EMS service).
"EMS" service.

Japanese sheath hunting knife. ①

Hand made by long experienced craftman in Seki city Japan.

"Kasumi hunting" Full length 22.5cm.
With postage.
Hunting knife (Snake) Damascus steel. No stock.
Hunting knife. (Silver collection). Full length 24cm. No stock.
Hunting knife. (Wisteria) Damascus steel. Full length 21.5cm.
With postage.

Japanese fording hunting knife. ②  

"Multi knife". Limited.Sold out.
With transport.
"BLACK JACK" Full length 15cm.
With postage.
"SAMU" Full length 18cm.
With transport.

Japanese fishing knife.

Fishing knife (IWANA). No stock.
Fishing knife (MASU) No stock.
Fishing Knife (Multi).   No stock.
Fishing fillet knife (molibdenum steel) Full length 28 cm.
With postage.

Craft knife, Kitchen scissors.

Hobby knife.

Wood carving knife. (Finish production) No stock.   
Kichen scissors.
Craft knife "HIGONOKAMI" (New) Blue/ Black/ Brass. 17cm long.

Knife sharpner.

Original whetstone (Combertional #600/#1000). With non-slippery base/angle keeper/leveling stone & guidance.
Water sharpner (#400). With guidance.

Home town of Japanese knife.

Ceremony of sword discipline.

With sward Meister.