Japanese porcelain dinner set.

We can deliver these items to your home, through the post office.with guarantee transportation.

Dinner set for 6 persons 21pces.
Dinner with coffee set for 12 persons 97pces.

All item made in Japan.

"KYOTO D6" No stock.
"FUJI D6" Dinnner set for 6 person.21pes.
Delivery home.
"BONSAI D6" No stock. Dinner set for 6 person.21pes.
Delivery home.

Japanese porcelain tea set.

Japanese porcelain tea set for 6 person.
"BLUE DRAGON T6" Tea set for 6 person.23pes. (K18 gold).
Including postage.
"GEISHA T6" Tea set for 6 person.23pes.
Including postage.
"BONSAI T6" Tea set for 6 person. 23pes.
Including postage.
"DAWN T6" Tea set for 6 person.23pes.
Including postage.

Japanese porcelain tea set (New)

Tea set for 6 person 23 pces.
"UTAMARO T6" No stock.
"Red dragon T6"
Including postage.

Shipping for over sea.

Purchased item packed and shipping immidately from Kobe to your home.
Packing(long item)
Packing(tea set,dinner set,flower vase~etc)
Shipping through Japan Post
Parcel label & Invoice.

Flower vase. page 1 ($25〜$80. )

Flower vase ; 15cm ~30cm height direct from our cooperated Japanese pottery.
”UME TREE V" 25cm h.
"SPRING V" 30cm h.
"YUZEN V" 27cm h. No stock.
"IGA V" 18cm h.

Flower vase. page 2.

"GREEN BAMBOO V" 30cm h.
"Four season V" 30cm h. x 4p(set).
With postage.
"Mini vace 3 V" (Include steel needle x 1)
With postage.
"BLUE SANSUI V" 30cm h.

Japanese porcelain ornament plate.

Much more collection waiting for your inquiry.
"Ornament plate. "Black Peacock". No stock.
Ornament plate."Cherry & Bird"
Ornament plate."Kimono girl". No stock.
Ornament plate."Peacock"

Sake set, Tea pot & Mug cup. ($6〜$60. )

Two sarving bottles and five cups, in carton box.

Manufactured Toki city Japan.

Sake set. "SAKURA"
Delivery home.
Wine server. No stock.
Japanese tea cup set.
Cup factory in Gifu.

Japanese tea cup. ( tortion )

"Daruma & Raccoon" 8cm h. No stock.
"Multi cup" Black & Gray(pair) 11.5 cm.
With postage.

Factory of porcelain tea set & dinner set.

Work shop with master painter.

Master painter.
Work shop
During drying of Tea set

Factory of flower vase.

Located in Gifu prefecture Japan.
Kiln of flower vase.